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The Exposed Nest
By Robert Frost

You were forever finding some new play.
So when I saw you down on hands and knees
In the meadow, busy with the new-cut hay,
Trying, I thought, to set it up on end,
I went to show you how to make it stay,
If that was your idea, against the breeze,
And, if you asked me, even help pretend
To make it root again and grow afresh.
But ‘twas no make-believe with you to-day,
Nor was the grass itself your real concern,
Though I found your hand full of wilted fern,
Steel-bright June-grass, and blackening heads of clover.
‘Twas a nest full of young birds on the ground
The cutter-bar had just gone champing over
(Miraculously without tasting flesh)
And left defenseless to the heat and light.
You wanted to restore them to their right
Of something interposed between their sight
And too much world at once—could means be found.
The way the nest-full every time we stirred
Stood up to us as to a mother-bird
Whose coming home has been too long deferred,
Made me ask would the mother-bird return
And care for them in such a change of scene
And might our meddling make her more afraid.
That was a thing we could not wait to learn.
We saw the risk we took in doing good,
But dared not spare to do the best we could
Though harm should come of it; so built the screen
You had begun, and gave them back their shade.
All this to prove we cared. Why is there then
No more to tell? We turned to other things.
I haven’t any memory—have you?—
Of ever coming to the place again
To see if the birds lived the first night through,
And so at last to learn to use their wings.


Quickie since Adam is here watching Last Week Tonight with us following Westworld, which he stayed for after a very nice afternoon eating eggs benedict made by Paul, visiting McCrillis Gardens to see the azaleas, and going to my parents' house to Skype with Daniel. The only bad part of my day was that my parents had a major disaster with their kitchen sink and the plumber was so late that my father couldn't go out to dinner at Trapezaria with us, since he had to wait for the sink to be fixed. We stopped back there afterward to say goodnight to him, then came back to feed our ravenous cats and call Paul's parents. Hope everyone else had as nice a Mother's Day!

2018-05-13 15.08.21
McCrillis Gardens with Adam...

2018-05-13 13.30.28
...who brought me tomato basil soup mix.

2018-05-13 13.37.49
Paul gave me a beach in a prism but I had some trouble [Effie] taking a photo of it.

We Skyped with Daniel from my parents' computer...

2018-05-13 18.38.38A
...though my father couldn't come out to dinner with us because the plumber was hours late.

2018-05-13 18.26.38A
Adam took and embellished this stunning photo of me at Trapezaria (where I had the awesome vegetarian platter) to demonstrate to my mother how a stylus works on a phone screen...

2018-05-13 20.07.59
...since my parents gave me this equally awesome Captain America Cross pen/stylus as well as some glass jewelry my mom and I got for each other.

2018-05-13 19.45.50A
Happy Mother's Day!

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