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Poem for Friday and Great Falls Animals

In Tintagel Graveyard
By Brian Patten

Who brought flowers to this grave?
'I,' said the wren. 'I brought them as seeds and then
Watched them grow.'

'No,' said the wind. 'That's not true.
I blew them across the moor and sea,
I blew them up to the grave's door.
They were a gift from me.'

'They came of their own accord,'
Said the celandine.
'I know best.
They're brothers of mine.'

'I am Death's friend,'
Said the crow. 'I ought to know.
I dropped them into the shadow of the leaning stone.
I brought the flowers.'

'No,' said Love,
'It was I who brought them,

'With the help of the wren's wing,
With the help of the wind's breath,
With the help of the celandine and the crow.

'It was I who brought them
For the living and the dead to share,
I was the force that put those flowers there.'


I had lots of running around to do Thursday because I have fun plans on Friday, and it rained the entire day, so although I have no real business complaining given that the rain caused catastrophic flooding in parts of Montgomery and Frederick Counties whereas I only had very wet parking lots to deal with, I spent a lot of time being damp. And sticky, because although it wasn't quite hot, it was certainly not cool. Friends messaged me in the afternoon about a Pokemon raid while I was already at the mall right near the park, and it was one we could do from our cars, and I caught two Latias so that was nice!

I had piles of laundry to fold and put away before dinner, but I had cat "help" for part of that and Maddy came to tell me about her adventures for the other part. After dinner we watched the first two episodes of the second season of The Handmaid's Tale, which, like the first season, are upsetting and inspiring and terrifying and powerful and disturbing. (Adam told us he binged the entire first season and half the second so we were inspired to catch up.) Now I'm cheating on Colbert with Fallon because he has Tina Fey and Paul Bettany, both looking great. From Great Falls last weekend, happy spring animals:









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