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Poem for Wednesday, Deadpool, The Lego Movie, Son and Friends

"What has growing old been like?"
By Philip Roth

In a few months you’ll turn 85. Do you feel like an elder?
        -- Charles McGrath

In just a matter of months I’ll depart old age
to enter deep old age – easing ever deeper daily
into the redoubtable Valley of the Shadow.
Right now it is astonishing to find myself
still here at the end of each day.
Getting into bed at night I smile and think,
“I lived another day.” And then it’s astonishing
again to awaken eight hours later
and to see that it is morning of the next day
and that I continue to be here.
“I survived another night,”
which thought causes me to smile once more.
I go to sleep smiling and I wake up smiling.
I’m very pleased that I’m still alive.


We had terrible weather on Tuesday, but I had a good day anyway because Adam and his childhood friend Emiliano, visiting the area from college in Mexico, decided it was the perfect day to see Deadpool 2, and since I had offered to take Adam to see that at some point this week anyway, we picked up the friend and all went to the movies. (It is equally hilarious on second viewing, in some ways even funnier in the second half.) None of us had had lunch before the movie, so we went to grab froyo and were going to come back to our house so we could go to College Park and collect Adam's things, but it started to rain so insanely that we bailed on that idea and watched The Lego Movie (which Emiliano hadn't seen) instead.

Adam took Emiliano back to the relatives with whom he's staying, we ordered pizza for Bitcoin Pizza day, and we have just watched the season finale of The Flash (too many shark-jumping moments to count and I'm 80% here for Harrison Wells so some Earth's version of him better be around next season) and the newest episode of The 100 (c'mon, Marcus, do NOT be flirting with other women even if you think it's to help Abby). Now we're watching Jon Stewart under Stephen Colbert's desk. The new plan is to pick up Adam's things tomorrow morning before he heads out to an overnight movie marathon with friends in the afternoon, so here are just a couple of photos of him with one of our cats and one of his oldest friends!

2018-05-06 17.24.37
Adam with Effie
2018-05-22 18.08.23
Adam with Emiliano now...

...and with Emiliano and Daniel in 2003.

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