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Poem for Monday and Hillwood Tables

At a Dinner Party
By Amy Levy

With fruit and flowers the board is decked,
    The wine and laughter flow;

I'll not complain—could one expect
    So dull a world to know?

You look across the fruit and flowers,
    My glance your glances find.—
It is our secret, only ours,
    Since all the world is blind.


Our plan for Sunday was to meet Cheryl at the Virginia Renaissance Faire, but by 9:30 this morning, the fair had closed due to flooding and we knew we needed a different plan. So Cheryl wound up driving all the way up here (in what was apparently atrocious traffic due to the flooding and storm-related accidents), and by the time she arrived, we decided to go to Goldberg's Bagels for lunch, then to the Hillwood Museum for the last weekend of "The Artistic Table" -- table settings from Hillwood's collection inspired by Marjorie Merriweather Post's interests and aesthetics.






2018-06-03 15.39.30

2018-06-03 15.59.32


Since it poured the whole time we were at Hillwood, we really didn't see the gardens except from windows. We drove home in the receding drizzle and watched Love, Simon, which is extremely enjoyable, contains a storyline about a high school production of Cabaret, has a scene with a flash mob dancing to Whitney Houston, and has decent female characters although they're only seen in relation to the main character's storyline. I don't even know where to start with this week's time-jumping Westworld, which we watched after Delta left, but we liked the first episode of the King Lear-based Succession!

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