The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday and House Mess

Cleaning a Fish
By Dave Smith

In her hand the knife, brisk, brilliant as moon-claw,
shaves the flesh. It grazes the white
belly just over the heart.
Underneath, the coiled fingers
are cradling a soft flesh
as if it were the jowls of the aged

man propped for a while on the bench in the park.
The head is not severed, the eyes not out.
Blue, they appear to flash odd ways
where a tree makes a live shadow.
Mostly the eyes are dead.
Nothing is in them

except the intense blue of sky the tree allows.
There is no conspiring of nerves,
no least event recalled
by a limb’s high arching,
or even a girl’s ascension
from a forgotten distance of water.

But there is something as she lifts the meat.
It is enough to draw down her gaze.
Now her arm rises against
yellow hair fallen
white in a childish face.
She is still as a leaf barely clinging.

I come to her like a cat in the stunned grass
and touch her to see the startled,
upthrusted gleam of her face.
At brow and each cheek
like gathered beads of mist
scales leap with the sun, and are dead.

No word passes between us, but something electric
as a flash of steel makes her
cry out just once. Squatting
at the yard’s edge, she
sings beyond any thought.
Her knife flies as lethal as love
and cuts quickly in like a hurried kiss.


My day was mostly crap until evening, when after hours and hours of cleaning and laundry plus a trip to Home Depot, we sat down and watched Jurassic Park long distance with Cheryl. And let's just leave things at that.

This chipmunk has been enjoying visiting with the cats...

2018-06-14 16.14.02
...who in turns are enjoying the newly clean dining room table.

2018-06-12 08.22.01
This is the dog who told us there were no bedbugs in the kids' rooms. Let's hope he was right. His name is Van Gogh.

2018-06-12 14.18.18
We have thrown out thousands of pieces of paper from essays we wrote in college to trip brochures to vaccination records to disclosure agreements from credit cards we no longer have.

2018-06-12 15.47.24
Even if I don't end up having to throw a bunch of this out, it will never look quite like this again.

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