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Poem for Monday

In Memoriam A.H.H.
By Alfred, Lord Tennyson


If one should bring me this report,
    That thou hadst touch’d the land to-day,
    And I went down unto the quay,
And found thee lying in the port;

And standing, muffled round with woe,
    Should see thy passengers in rank
    Come stepping lightly down the plank,
And beckoning unto those they know;

And if along with these should come
    The man I held as half-divine;
    Should strike a sudden hand in mine,
And ask a thousand things of home;

And I should tell him all my pain,
    And how my life had droop’d of late,
    And he should sorrow o’er my state
And marvel what possess’d my brain;

And I perceived no touch of change,
    No hint of death in all his frame,
    But found him all in all the same,
I should not feel it to be strange.


For ladyjaida with gratitude for having quoted it. I can't find it on my list of poetry I've already posted, but I really thought I had, because when I think of post-ROTK miraculouslyundead!Boromir, this tends to come to mind. And also, now, a certain HP character whose Book 5 fate is apparently still a spoiler. But I must confess that at one time I had thought of using this as a basis for a Voyager story, and might have, had I not been doing my best to swear off Janeway/Chakotay already by "Timeless."

If anyone has a bigger animation of the animated part of this HP spoilery icon and can point me to it, I will squee all over you. Thanks to enora for pointing it out.

fileg has provided big bright colorful Death by Sean Bean! From National Treasure! This is one of my very favorite forms of execution.

From my horoscope for the week on my MSN page: "Mercury is making you talkative, but on Wednesday when it squares Uranus, you might get the urge to say the wrong thing." I have been hanging out with my children for too long, because I giggled like a ten-year-old about having a square you-know-what. Please do spank me if I start saying the wrong thing on Wednesday, because I imagine that having Mercury in there would be worse than having a bug up your arse. *giggling some more*

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