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Poem for Friday and Marvel Universe

'Did all your heroes come out of the dark?'
By Chad Parmenter

We went to Gotham Theater to see
The Mark of Zorro. Tyrone Power wore
the name and cape, eclipsing every score
with gunfire. Such a sweet and distant screen—
I felt the world contract to him and me.
My mother's screams, my father's drunken snore
were shams, or dreams, as blurry as their scars
are now. But then, across the screen, a vein
of darkness ran, like ink, its tip a blade.

Some vandal slashed the screen? Then ran away.
They didn't stop the movie? No, it played,

and Zorro wore a moving wound. Then? Stay
in this, a second. Feel the urge to pray

to him? He's only light, though. So is day.


This poem is part of Bat & Man: A Sonnet Comic Book, an imagined conversation between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in which Catwoman's parts are in italics and Batman wants to keep his identity a secret.

I had chores to do on Thursday, but I also had a pass for an EX raid, so after doing the chores in the morning, I went to meet friends for a couple of hours around lunch and successfully raided a Mewtwo, an Absol (sadly not a shiny one), and a Regice, at Starbucks, Cabin John Park, and Park Potomac respectively. (I also managed to pick up bagels, stop in Walgreens, and less exciting things in between the raids.)

When I got home, I had a massive post-trip laundry to fold, so I put on Thor. And even though we spent the post-dinner hour watching the season finale of The Handmaid's Tale, which I found really very satisfying and thought-provoking though I don't quite believe Serena (but I adore Emily and Rita, for entirely different reasons, and yay for that show and Westworld's Emmy nominations), Thor put me in the mood for MoPOP's Marvel Universe of Superheroes exhibit:

Doctor Strange

Iron Man(s)

2018-07-04 13.43.34

Guardians of the Galaxy

2018-07-04 13.54.28
Asgardians (and, you know, me)

2018-07-04 14.05.56
Captain America and The Winter Soldier

2018-07-04 14.09.00
Black Widow

Peter Parker's homemade Spider-Man suit, a bit worse for wear after rescuing Vulture

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