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Poem for Friday and Chihuly Glass Garden

If We Must Die
By Claude McKay

If we must die—let it not be like hogs
Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot,
While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs,
Making their mock at our accursed lot.
If we must die—oh, let us nobly die,
So that our precious blood may not be shed
In vain; then even the monsters we defy
Shall be constrained to honor us though dead!
Oh, Kinsmen! We must meet the common foe;
Though far outnumbered, let us show us brave,
And for their thousand blows deal one deathblow!
What though before us lies the open grave?
Like men we’ll face the murderous, cowardly pack,
Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back!


It only rained on and off on Thursday, and I got out of the house for most of the day, which I really needed. I met Kay for lunch at Tara Thai, did some necessary shopping at Target (and some unnecessary shopping, since the girls' sparkly shoes were on sale and I can wear a girls' 5 easily), and met a large subset of my raiding group for a Registeel raid at Starbucks.

Ever since a friend recommended this vid, I have been in the mood to rewatch the Hunger Games movies, so we watched the first last night and Catching Fire tonight after the very satisfying season finale of Cloak & Dagger. Somehow it doesn't feel as dystopian as it used to; I appreciate the slow-simmering rage and riots. Chihuly Garden & Glass from Seattle:









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