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Greetings from College Park

Quickie after a long but nice day in College Park with Adam, who knew nothing about his new residence but the name of one roommate via a mutual friend, so did not know until he arrived around noon that his bedroom had absolutely no furniture. Thus we spent the rest of the day acquiring a bed plus a bookcase and dresser from IKEA that had to be put together, then we went to Azteca for dinner before a stop at Target to get pillows and a couple of other things. So now he is (mostly) ready for his senior year, though he is only taking a part-time schedule of classes in the fall since he is resuming his internships with both NIH and NASA.

Meanwhile Daniel had to have kitchen pipes replaced and still has floorboards torn up, but it sounds like his building manager is taking care of that. We did not get home till nearly 10 p.m., though apart from being sad about Paul's aunt, it ended up being a pretty enjoyable if busy Saturday. Here is Adam's new room in various states of construction (new housemates helped unpack the vehicles), plus the backyard and pumpkin patch out front, the kitchen, and the IKEA trip!

2018-08-25 14.10.17

2018-08-25 14.13.47

2018-08-25 15.42.34

2018-08-25 17.37.35

2018-08-25 18.39.48

2018-08-25 19.14.22

2018-08-25 14.09.43

2018-08-25 14.23.00

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