The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday

By Philip Sidney

Who hath his fancy pleasèd
  With fruits of happy sight,
Let here his eyes be raisèd
  On Nature's sweetest light;
A light which doth dissever
  And yet unite the eyes,
A light which, dying never,
  Is cause the looker dies.

She never dies, but lasteth
  In life of lover's heart;
He ever dies that wasteth
  In love his chiefest part:
Thus is her life still guarded
  In never-dying faith;
Thus is his death rewarded,
  Since she lives in his death.

Look then, and die! The pleasure
  Doth answer well the pain:
Small loss of mortal treasure,
  Who may immortal gain!
Immortal be her graces,
  Immortal is her mind;
They, fit for heavenly places—
  This, heaven in it doth bind.

But eyes these beauties see not,
  Nor sense that grace descries;
Yet eyes deprivèd be not
  From sight of her fair eyes—
Which, as of inward glory
  They are the outward seal,
So may they live still sorry,
  Which die not in that weal.

But who hath fancies pleasèd
  With fruits of happy sight,
Let here his eyes be raisèd
  On Nature's sweetest light!


Gacked from thingsunseen: Since many people have purchased more room for icons, post the oldest icon that you still use. Aka the one that you've never dumped for a new one. Say where you got it and why it's still with you. It's the one accompanying this post. I made Flaming June, Kai Winn (Bad Girls Rule), and my first Aragorn/Boromir (Slash Me, My Steward) icon the day I got my LiveJournal, and I still use the first two.

Right now my younger son is finishing a soccer game, after which there is a party at the deli for the team and coaches and families. As soon as that is over, we are going to Baltimore to see the Orioles, though since the game is not until 3 p.m. we are going to try to get to the harbor and the ships first. Afterwards we are going to dinner somewhere down on the water. It's a perfectly gorgeous day here and if I did not have the nagging feeling that I was about to get a headache, everything would be lovely.

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