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Greetings from Roissy-en-France

We're near Charles de Gaulle Airport with good internet but too many days' worth of photos and commentary even to begin to catch up! We spent most of the day at the Château de Fontainebleau, the enormous royal palace that housed French rulers from Louis VII to Napoleon III, though most of the architecture (and subsequent restoration) reflect the influence of Francis I and Napoleon, who abdicated there before being exiled to Elba.

The extensive royal and papal apartments, chapel, ballrooms, meeting rooms, and museum require so long to tour that we decided to take another Petit Train Touristique around the gardens, which are also very large with several natural and artificial bodies of water that hold boats and constructed islands. The entire place is spectacular. We were not very hungry after having crepes for lunch in the courtyard there, so after arriving in Roissy, we walked to a nearby creperie to have galettes for dinner through an older part of the pretty town with the Eglise Saint Eloi.

Because I am so behind on photos, here are one each from Angers, Chartres, Blois, Chinon, and Fontainebleau:






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