The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday and Chartres Marys

By sam sax

the time for nuance is over
i argue over breakfast
explaining how it's oft used
to confuse descent—knife
through my poached egg.
politicized work made all yolky,
easy to consume & forget.
i dab with the toasted bread
agitation & propaganda i rant
is the only just path for artists
gesturing with my utensils
heavenward. i've said a lot
of things which in retrospect
would've been better
had i kept my mouth shut.
i once said something to a friend
i wont repeat here
& now she’s no longer my friend.
i'll never forget what her eyes did
as i finished speaking
stones in a bucket.
words have consequences
they’re both material & reveal
the spirit that speaks them.
what i meant over breakfast
is the time's too urgent for work
that doesn't have blood in it.
what i meant is insurgency
is our birthright, that nuance
comes from the french meaning
to shade—why another painting
of a lake when there's so much
rage boiling outside the canvas?
what does it mean i don’t mean
what i say when i say it? i don’t know
what i mean. silence is golden
& gold's the standard measurement
for capital. the golden rule is do
unto others as you would have them
do unto you. but what when they do
you ugly first as they always
seem to? i finish my coffee &
it’s political whether i want it
to be or not.


Thursday was a dreaded photo organization day -- now that they're all backed up to Flickr, I had to decide which ones are going in a book and on calendars at Shutterfly and fight with the uploader. I did not get this done in time to use the free book coupon that was out earlier this week, but I'm hoping to get the book done while there are unlimited extra pages. I also got out to the park between rainstorms and for a Pokemon raid, yay!

Paul's office is having a hackathon of sorts for all employees this week so he hasn't been home for dinner the past few nights, and tonight, after I got to pick Plantagenet movies for two days, he wanted to watch the Ravens game, which did not exactly fill us with joy, though it ended better than it began. Here are some of Chartres Cathedral's images of the Marys -- the Virgin, the Magdalene, and some that are questionable:




2018-09-07 17.01.00





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