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Poem for Tuesday and Draken Harald Harfagre

Yellow Hair
By Rögnvald Kali Kolsson
Translated by Ian Crockatt

Who else hoards such yellow
hair, bright lady – fair as
your milk-mind shoulders,
where milled barley-gold falls?
Chuck the cowled hawk, harry
him with sweets. Crimsoner
of eagles’ claws, I covet
cool downpours of silk; yours.


Monday was a Monday -- usual chores plus those that didn't get done over the weekend, trip to CVS for household items we ran out of, a couple of lucky Pokemon trades including a great Alakazam plus two raids and a shiny Drowzee at the edge of the park. I had plans with Maddy that got postponed due to an expected home repair visit, but I ended up getting to see her, though not under ideal circumstances because she wound up in the ER with what her doctor thought might be appendicitis. She's all right now -- they gave her medicine and told her to stay off her feet for a few days and come back ASAP if the pain gets worse -- I will go check in on her tomorrow!

We started watching the Red Sox-Yankees game but it (thankfully) wasn't even close, then we checked in on Monday Night Football but I can't bear to watch the R-words even on a night when Drew Brees is expected to break the all-time passing record. So we watched the beginning of the new season of The Man in the High Castle, which remains very dark and very good -- I can't really feel sorry for Joe any more and I know I'm supposed to feel sorry for Helen as a mom but you made your own bed, you Nazi bitch, but I love Juliana and Tagomi's relationship and the might-have-been timelines. Here are some more pictures of the Viking ship Draken Harald Hårfagre visiting DC's wharf yesterday:


2018-10-07 15.09.02




2018-10-07 15.50.36



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