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Poem for Thursday and Around the Renfaire

Finding the Cat in a Spring Field at Midnight
By Pattiann Rogers

It takes a peculiar vision to be able to detect
Precisely where

The field grasses brushed by blowing
Stars and the odor of spring
In the breath of sweet clover buds
And the star-mingled calls of the toads
In the threading grasses and the paws
Of the clover brushing through the field
Of stars and the star-shaped crickets
In the ears of the sweet grasses
And the tail of the night flicking
Through the calls of the night and the spring
Stars slinking past the eyes of midnight
And the hour of the field mouse passing
Through the claws of the stars and the brushing
Haunches of the weeds and starry grasses
Threading through the eyes of the mouse
And the buds of the stars calling
With the sweet breath of the field

And the cat begins.


My Wednesday was okay -- lots of chores, but I met Maddy at the mall (we originally had lunch plans but she ended up meeting people for a noon movie so we postponed those and just did some shopping) and Rose came over to see us and the cats (she brought treats so the feline members of the family were very excited to see her). Plus I did a Mewtwo raid and I got a lucky Prinplup!

We were going to put on a movie but the Red Sox-Astros game was actually really good (and still not over at this writing, though it looks like Boston is going to hang on). I chatted briefly with Adam, who was exhausted after his interview and bracing himself to take the red-eye back to the east coast for a day of work and classes. Here's some more fun from the Pennsylvania Renfaire:

2018-10-14 14.50.15

2018-10-14 16.29.39

2018-10-14 16.28.20

2018-10-14 16.30.29

2018-10-14 15.43.36

2018-10-14 14.51.36

2018-10-14 15.31.11

2018-10-14 17.08.58

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