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Poem for Wednesday, Black Lightning, Brookside Turtles

The Desolate Field
By William Carlos Williams

Vast and gray, the sky
is a simulacrum
to all but him whose days
are vast and gray, and—
In the tall, dried grasses
a goat stirs
with nozzle searching the ground.
—my head is in the air
but who am I…?
And amazed my heart leaps
at the thought of love
vast and gray
yearning silently over me.


My day was all about stupid things that needed to get done until about 4 p.m. when Niantic launched its Halloween event, after which Paul and I went to get cat food and chick'n patties. Several of my good friends have recently had family losses and are having shitty weeks, and I don't need to tell anyone how stressful the news is, so my mood was not great.

We watched The Flash (needs more Iris -- I feel like this whole season has been boy-girl buddy pairs, I'm not even sure tonight's passed the Bechdel Test), then Black Lightning (vastly better on both race and gender issues with much more interesting stories), before the World Series game which Boston won beautifully. Turtles from Brookside Gardens last weekend:









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