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The Little Review

Poem for Saturday, A Star Is Born, Beach Shops

By Katy Santiff

For the souls that we've folded into these
broad, fat lands, laid out like my grandma's quilt;
for the living still wandering here below
these clouds that pillow up over us like
fluffing–billowing mat-stuff lining with
a wonder, a cotton question: tell us
what's patterned above, and who would know to
answer us, the some-numbered billions left
traipsing down here, so strangely encumbered,
accompanied, alone? We ask through the
sky's thin walls–hear the way some dark brilliance
calls -- but the only answer back to us
is the blowing of our coastal plains, the
pressure of our bay-hills' rolls, the feeling
of a thumb pressed to our minds as if God
made print-marks on the Sun: we lived here, once.


Rain moved in on Friday morning but I missed its start because I was at the movies with my neighbor Rose, seeing A Star Is Born, which has great performances and chemistry from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, very enjoyable music, and a strong first-hour screenplay that I didn't love in the second hour, since it crossed the line from moving to manipulative for me by not making Ally's manager a real human being and following the cliches of the previous incarnations a little too closely (this is a modern-era movie, so I'd expect slightly more modern attitudes about alcoholism and mental illness). Still, well worth seeing.

Since I was in the mall, I did a bit of shopping -- Sears is still not having a great going-out-of-business sale -- then came home to do all the things I put off while going to the movies so early. We had dinner with my parents (Thai food, yay), then we came home in time to see Blindspot (getting a clue, Kurt, yay), and now we are in extra innings with the Red Sox and Dodgers. Because I'm missing the Atlantic Ocean and Delmarva in this fall weather, here are some photos from shopping in Rehoboth Beach and Fenwick Island:

2018-08-22 16.08.52

2018-08-23 16.28.39

2018-08-22 15.41.14

2018-08-24 11.55.50

2018-08-24 12.12.50

2018-08-24 12.09.34

2018-08-23 16.37.03

2018-08-24 11.46.05

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