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Greetings from Centreville

Things we got to do on the last day of Cox Farms' annual Fall Festival, which we have not attended in many many years, since our kids were young enough to want to go on their Haunted Hayride, but really wanted to support this year, not only because the festival has grown so impressively, Foamhenge has been moved to the property, the farm hasn't been lobbying for dangerous pesticides the way Butler's Orchard has, and we strongly support Cox Farms' commitment to inclusiveness and social justice:

1) Pet a goat
2) Get sniffed by a llama
4) Watch huge pumpkins get dropped from dozens of feet in the air
5) Listen to a band play classic rock
6) Watch piglets chase each other while their mothers slept
7) Hear kids scream as they slid down the famous Dinosaur Slide
8) Drink free cups of cider
9) Eat nachos and cheese
10) Pose in lots of your-head-here wooden scenes
11) Pet a cow
12) Walk through a chicken coop
13) See goat kids, adolescent ducklings, and fluffy bunnies
14) Peruse a tractor museum under lovely autumn trees
16) Take home small pumpkins included in price of admission

and probably some other things that I am forgetting at the moment but I have photos so they may come up later in the week! It is just as well that we didn't stay home to watch the local sports teams on this gorgeous Sunday considering that they had lousy days anyway! After dinner we watched this week's Doctor Who (not bad, but didn't blow me away) and Madam Secretary (quite good, as usual). Here is some of my fun!

2018-11-04 15.05.48

2018-11-04 14.41.50

2018-11-04 15.26.56

2018-11-04 14.25.54

2018-11-04 15.43.22


2018-11-04 15.13.53

2018-11-04 15.26.18

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