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Poem for June 21

The Philosopher in Florida
By C. Dale Young

Midsummer lies on this town
like a plague: locusts now replaced
by humidity, the bloodied Nile

now an algae-covered rivulet
struggling to find its terminus.
Our choice is a simple one:

to leave or to remain, to render
the Spanish moss a memory
or to pull it from trees, repeatedly.

And this must be what the young
philosopher felt, the pull of a dialectic so basic
the mind refuses, normally,

to take much notice of it.
Outside, beyond a palm-tree fence,
a flock of ibis mounts the air,

our concerns ignored
by their quick white wings.
Feathered flashes reflected in water,

the bending necks of the cattails:
the landscape feels nothing---
it repeats itself with or without us.


The date and the end of cicada season made this poem seem quite relevant today. Happy Litha/Solstice/Midsummer or Midwinter depending on where in the world you live, and enjoy the longest day of the year, those in my hemisphere.

missizzy made my morning linking me to sisabet's Save A Puppet - Vote Democrat! "Ernie would marry Bert if he only *wish* you had found love the way they have found love, people." Then, I owe enora sex or something for this gallery and this additional gallery of great big HP photo shoot pictures, including Oldman's Sirius and Rickman's Snape in utterly drool-worthy form. M&C fans, there's a great one of Lee Ingleby as Stan Shunpike as well.

In news from last night, I watched the King Arthur special on the History Channel, but didn't really learn much from it, which just tells me I have read far, far too many books, both fiction and non-fiction, on the subject. I can always listen to Patrick Stewart, though. I can't run that best Friend meme, however; apparently I have too many Friends. This is probably just as well, as the idea of "best friend" growing up generally led to cliquishness, threats of abandonment and unhappiness. Today I MUST work, as I pretty much did not have a moment to do so all weekend. Also must attempt to stimulate young minds and keep them off GameCube until fencing this evening. I need to thank ashinae for being the Very Most Evil Influence a girl could have, and hallucinateme for encouraging all manner of vice and wickedness as well. They are personally responsible for my ridiculous good mood.

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