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Poem for Monday and Winter Arts

Poem Entering the Apple Valley Target
By Lynn Melnick

Into the fluorescent rough country
headlong into bulks of flesh

impatient to outspend me

and who wouldn’t fold real quick
under the weight of America’s sales and specials.

I believed then I didn’t

that I was different than I am
in my own skin in this infinity

mirror, instructed such
to seduce myself, to go on.

I am sorry

about the space I take up
about the panic

running around my aspect and my hunger

although it’s nothing

these racks of acrylic winter apparatus
won’t dazzle out of my head.

I’ll take several. I’ll take fistfuls.

I’ll tuck it into my mouth at night to keep me quiet.


It was drizzly again in the morning on Sunday, so we took our time in the morning and went out after lunch to the Countryside Artisans shops -- some that we went to in the fall, some that we didn't -- looking for holiday gifts and enjoying the cider and cookies that most of them put out at this time of year. Here are some holiday festivities from Art of Fire glassworks, Something Earthy pottery studio and farm, the Maryland Honey Company beekeepers, and Dancing Leaf Farm fiberworks.

2018-12-02 14.59.04

2018-12-02 15.05.17

2018-12-02 14.43.28

2018-12-02 14.27.13

2018-12-02 14.49.02

2018-12-02 15.49.55

2018-12-02 15.45.31

2018-12-02 19.56.59

As you can see, that last photo is me lighting the menorah for the first night of Chanukah, though we didn't do presents since we got sculpted elephant eyeglass holders the day before at the Montgomery Potters show. We watched the Garth Brooks concert from Notre Dame, which was very enjoyable when he wasn't plugging Amazon with badly scripted jokes, then we watched the glorious end of the Chargers-Steelers game, which with Baltimore's win leaves the Ravens in striking distance of Pittsburgh!

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