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Greetings from Frederick County

Adam and his girlfriend came over in the morning and we went to some of the places on the Frederick Museums by Candlelight tour, starting with lunch at Beans in the Belfry (though sadly the antique store we visited most often in Brunswick is gone), then several farms with animals, food, and yarn. Then we all went to my parents for traditional Chanukah dinner and presents. Here are some pictures:

2018-12-08 12.59.13
Adam and Katherine with a gingerbread man they decorated at Beans in the Belfry...

2018-12-08 12.31.56
...and on the historic caboose near the Brunswick train station.

2018-12-08 14.02.48
Trains and holiday decorations at the Brunswick Heritage Museum.

2018-12-08 15.00.19
Me being licked by a calf at South Mountain Creamery.

2018-12-08 15.34.38
Adam petting a calf at Kiparoo Farm.

2018-12-08 16.59.03
Katherine deciding which yarn to buy at Dancing Leaf Farm.

2018-12-08 18.59.05
Adam lighting the menorah.

Post-presents family photo.

2018-12-08 22.06.15
This is what Adam got me for Chanukah, it's like he knows what I like!

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