The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
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Poem for Tuesday and Rainy Baltimore

Wishes For A New Year
By John P. Read

Brush away old heartaches.
Learn from our mistakes.
Another year is finally over.
A new dawn awakes.


Happy New Year! We took Daniel to Baltimore to meet up with some friends -- it was so rainy that instead of sightseeing, we went out for hot chocolate, then went to Barnes & Noble and browsed end-of-year clearance books for a couple of hours. When we got home, we watched the season premiere of The Orville, which we missed on Sunday, then watched Thor: Ragnarok because it came up in conversation and is really the perfect end-of-year film when you think about it. From the Inner Harbor, holiday lights and ships in the rain:

2018-12-31 15.30.45

2018-12-31 15.20.25

2018-12-31 15.20.07

2018-12-31 15.42.51

2018-12-31 15.46.21

2018-12-31 18.01.38

2018-12-31 18.04.16

2018-12-31 17.59.05

2018-12-31 18.05.38

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