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Poem for Sunday, Bohemian Rhapsody, Brookside

Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)
By Freddie Mercury

Guilt stains on my pillow
Blood on my terraces
Torsos in my closet
Shadows from my past
Life is real, life is real
Life is real, so real

Sleeping is my leisure
Waking up in a minefield
Dream in just a pleasure dome
Love is a roulette wheel
Life is real, life is real
Life is real, oh yeah

Success is my breathing space
I brought it on myself
I will price it, I will cash it
I can take it or leave it
Loneliness is my hiding place
Breast feeding myself
What more can I say?
I have swallowed the bitter pill
I can taste it I can taste it
Life is real, life is real
Life is real

Music will be my mistress
Loving like a whore
Lennon is a genius
Living in ev'ry pore
Life is real, life is real
Life is real, so real
Life is cruel, life is a bitch
Life is real, so real
Life is real.


We had a quiet Saturday waiting to see how much winter weather we were going to get, which turned out to be pretty much none; a few flurries fell on me while I was doing an EX raid at the volleyball court near the ice rink but that was about it. So apart from the aforementioned raid, a walk in the park, and a stop at the food store, it was a pretty quiet day.

After dinner, we saw Bohemian Rhapsody, which I liked better than I thought I might given all the controversy around the movie; I didn't think it was outrageously homophobic, I remember what that era was like and found it pretty realistic in terms of his shame and closeting, and Malik was great, but they messed with the timeline absurdly. From Brookside this month:


2019-01-05 15.57.04

2019-01-05 15.55.35



2019-01-05 16.00.48

2019-01-05 15.57.49



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