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Poem for Tuesday and Hasui Prints

Poem on the Theme of Snow
By Musō Soseki
Translated by Edwin Cranston

From heaven fall icy petals;
In the sky not a spot of blue remains.
A dusting of jade covers the ground
And buries the blue mountains.
The sun rises over the mountain peak.
The chill pierces my bones.
Silence prevails.


We got snow on Sunday night and sleet early Monday morning, so although it had all melted by lunchtime, it was a slow morning in the area. I did some work and laundry, then I went to meet friends at Starbucks for a raid and the last gasp of the weekend friending and trading event (I only got hot chocolate and a couple of random lucky Pokemon, but I traded UnhappyCow a perfect lucky Miltank, which made him a very happy UnhappyCow).

I took a bit of a walk but it was pretty rainy, so that didn't last long, and instead I stopped in Giant for cat food and some Valentine's Day necessities. I had a bunch more work to get done when I got home, then we had dinner and watched Black Lightning and some basketball. Here are some photos from the VMFA in Richmond's exhibit of Kawase Hasui woodblock prints of Japanese temples and shrines, mostly winter scenes:

2019-02-09 13.43.29

2019-02-09 13.40.04

2019-02-09 13.36.42

2019-02-09 13.37.52

2019-02-09 13.41.28

2019-02-09 13.42.55
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