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Poem for Friday and Frogsong

Spring Peepers
By Martin J. Elster

Spring peepers trill and whistle in between
the avenue (where drivers rush toward shops),
construction site, the woods, the putting green.
No one stops to listen to these drops

of sentience small as buttercups and shrill
as piccolos. They hide amid the stalks
that rise up from a liquid eye as still
as a spyglass pointed at the equinox,

unblinking for eternity. The first
of April. The environs dance and ring
with notes from frogs who, though they’re unrehearsed,
belt out a song precisely tuned to spring.

These lusty soon-to-be inamoratos,
iconic crooning harbingers, will soon
be silent. You who ride inside your autos,
roll down the windows! Do not wait till June!


It was 70 degrees on Thursday! Meaning I got almost nothing done because I was busy enjoying the weather! We have more crocuses in the neighborhood, and when I went to the park, I could hear the spring peepers from the parking lot before I'd even crossed the bridge by the nature center. I did my best to take photos, but the frogs were very well hidden despite being very loud, so although I promise that they are in some of the photos below, as are birds, you are better off listening to the video!

2019-03-14 16.43.01

2019-03-14 16.47.42

2019-03-14 16.57.14

2019-03-14 16.58.57

2019-03-14 16.57.06

2019-03-14 17.00.15

2019-03-14 16.46.52

Facebook was back up, but one of my groups exploded with political disagreement (pro-lifers always show their true colors eventually) so I should simply have avoided it. Paul made spicy pot pie for pi day, and we watched ACC basketball because Daniel wanted to Skype and we weren't exactly sure when. Of course UNC and Duke won, and the Terps had already lost earlier in the day, so it was not a good sports day for us, but Daniel was cheerful about his various hikes and game nights, so that's all good.

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