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Poem for Wednesday and Goddesses

Athena Ode
By Barbara Hamby

Road diva, divine mixologist, cancan dancer
     of the mandible wars, show me the way of mind
over what's-the-matter-with-you, girl, swirling from mouths
     of righteous dudes. O goddess of attitudes, yes, ma'am,
Madame of the owl tiara, bird woman enthroned,
     big cog of the cosmos, born from the noggin of Zeus,
hear my prayer, because I'm adrift in a sea of words, my boat
     is cardboard pinned together with newspaper headlines
of the latest war, springing leaks that generals plug
     with their double-talk, duckwalk to the edge of the cliff,
and we're holding the bill, still due after ten thousand years,
     while women wail in shanty shacks, stack cordwood
for the winter, open cans of baked beans, bust the seams
     of polyester pants made by the Chinese. O please,
show us the way to put some spring in our spring. Bring
     us a bunch of lilacs and pork rinds, something sweet
after tornadoes whip the roofs off our double-wides,
     our bungalows deep in the crevices of mountains
older than you. Make us a stew of new shoots, green onions,
     pole beans, and summer corn, for we are born
from the dark earth, but we've brushed it off, no monkey
     here, though sometimes we're all ape,
trying to escape the knuckle-dragging dance to the finish,
     when it's so clear there's no one here. O goddess
of sway, don't give me away, let me pretend I'm a player
     with an ace in the hole, because I know I have nothing,
but sometimes only nothing can open the door to something else.


I spent a ridiculous amount of Tuesday arguing online with Amazon, Shutterfly, and an Etsy seller about Things Not Working The Way They Are Supposed To, from a Disney movie that won't play on Movies Anywhere to a photo book that wouldn't save changes to a Mother's Day present that now looks like it may not be here for Mother's Day, and this continued late into the night. So I am declaring myself 100% DONE this week with all purchase-related nonsense.

We watched The Flash and The 100, though I was pretty distracted messaging with employees of various companies mentioned above so I couldn't pass a test about what happened on either though I think they were pretty okay episodes, then we watched Fosse/Verdon which was much more conventional than the previous episode but not particularly less sad. Here are some photos of happy retail experiences, goddess statues from Brigid's Grove:

2019-05-03 11.20.06

2019-04-22 14.44.29

2019-04-29 16.39.45

2019-01-14 12.03.31A


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