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Poem for Saturday

The Ship
By William Logan

The sunlight burned like wire on the water,
that morning the ghost ship drove upriver.
The only witness was a Jersey cow.

Florid and testy, a miniature industrialist,
the steam tug spouted its fiery plume of smoke,
and on the bank the dead trout lolled,

beyond the reach of the fishermen now.
From a distance the fish lay sprawled like sailors
after a great sea battle, the masts and spars

splintered like matchsticks on the water; the mist
hovering over inlets, cannon-smoke drifting
off the now-purple, now-green bloom of river.

In shadow a train inched across a brick viaduct
ruling the still-dark valley,
as aqueducts once bullied the dawn campagna.

The cows resented the Cincinnatus patriot,
knowing they too were bred for slaughter.
The morning was a painting: the battered warship

hung with dawn lights like a chestful of medals,
the barren canvas of the Thames, empty out of respect,
the steam tug beetling to the breaker's yard.

The sun lay on the horizon like a vegetable.


Late, thefridayfive:
1. Do you remember your first kiss?
The first one that counted for anything (as opposed to dares and stuff) I remember vividly. Particularly since it was upside-down.
2. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
That one? Sixteen.
3. Where did your first kiss occur?
Theater camp. Perfect place for a first kiss.
4. Where do you think is the most romantic place to exchance a kiss? (locations, not body parts)
It's all about the person, not the setting. I've exchanged romantic kisses in stinking subway tunnels.
5. What type of kisser are you? (peck, smooch, French, sloppy, etc.)
I'm more of a licking and sucking and nibbling type, does that make me sloppy?

And fannish5:
1. Do you songvid? Why or why not?
No. No equipment, no money.
2. Are there songs that remind you of a specific fandom? What are they?
All October Project reminds me of Lord of the Rings. This is ashinae's fault.
3. Are there songs that remind you of a specific episode? What are they?
Survivor's "In Good Faith" reminds me of Voyager's "Resolutions," because of a California Crew songvid.
4. Are there songs that remind you of a specific pairing? What are they?
Jack/Stephen: "Why Should I Cry For You," "Southern Cross," "Other Ways of Speaking" (this is Russell Crowe's fault) and "It Is Time" (which I desperately wish I could vid to) Remus/Sirius: "A More Perfect World," "To Where You Are." Remus/Severus: Ah fuck, I am not admitting this one in public. A/B: "Return To Me", "Dante's Prayer" (again, I blame ashinae).
5. Are there songs that remind you of a specific character? What are they?
Right now Garth Brooks' "The River" is reminding me of Jack Aubrey, and Lisa Moscatiello's "Nightbird" is reminding me of Stephen Maturin.

Gacked from cara_chapel:

How dirty are your friends?
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wants to lick your ear weiwei007
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This quiz by ass_ - Taken 2045 Times.
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GIP courtesy ashinae, from Total Eclipse, because this is the greatest post-coital face ever.

It's over 90 degrees and rather than try to figure out what we can do outdoors and not melt this afternoon, we are taking the kids to see King Arthur and will worry about getting them runaround time this evening when it cools off. Will catch up on comments later! Sorry to anyone who read the incorrect version of "Sleepless" that I posted last night before realizing my mistake at 2 a.m. and fixing it! It's got the right ending now!

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