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Greetings from the Silver Circle

On Wednesday we spent nearly all day on the Silver Circle in southwestern Iceland, which is reached by driving through a very long tunnel under a fjord. We went first to Borgarnes, a pretty town on the water, where we stopped in Geirabakari Kaffihus (which stood in for Papa John's in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and has excellent chocolate cinnamon rolls). Then we drove to nearby Skallagrimsgarour and Hildartunshusin, a burial mound and replica sod houses in the town. From there we headed into the wilderness to Glanni Waterfall and Grabrok crater -- plus a visit to Bifrost University strictly to take photos by the sign. After that, we hiked to two waterfall areas, the spectacular Hraunfossar and Barnafoss, where we also had a picnic. From there we headed to Snorralaug, believed to be the oldest hot spring used by people in Iceland, and Deildartunguhver, the hottest hot springs in Europe. Our last stop was Trollagarourinn, a park with statues and information about trolls and many troll-related activities, including Surtur's involvement with them, before we headed back for dinner! In photos:

2019-05-29 11.23.57
One of the sod houses of Borgarnes...

2019-05-29 11.16.51
...and the burial mound of one of Iceland's earliest settlers, along with his horse and weapons.

2019-05-29 12.01.24
In the wind over the waterfall at Glanni, which also has a fish ladder.

2019-05-29 12.26.48
Sadly I could not get Heimdall to send me to Asgard.

The menfolk on the upper rim of Grabrok Crater, which does not have water in it like Kerid.

2019-05-29 14.06.34
The many waterfalls of Hraunfossar...

...and the gorgeous blue water of Barnafoss.

The little hot spring Snorri's Pool...

2019-05-29 15.58.57
...and the big steamy one at Deildartunguhver (again, ignore my hair)!

One of the trolls of Trollagarourinn...

...and a slightly less tacky mound that's part of troll folklore!!

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