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Greetings from Asgard

Rushing because it's after midnight, I still have to pack to fly home on Friday, and we have had a very busy day (plus I've been averaging maybe five hours' sleep at night because it's never really dark)! We went out after breakfast to drive along the southwest coast of Iceland, passing many horses, sheep, and geese as well as small waterfalls and big glaciers on the way to the black sand beach where Noah and other films shot scenes, and where we saw more puffins surfing in the waves than we did on the puffin tour! Afterward we visited a number of waterfalls, the most exciting for me being Skogafoss, which appeared on Asgard in Thor: The Dark World, though we got to walk all the way around behind Seljalandsfoss through rainbows in mist that got us thoroughly soaked and that was amazing. We also visited a glacier, a garden of volcanic troll stones, and a geothermal area with hot springs and bubbling cauldrons. So it has all been awesome!

2019-05-30 11.09.42
Southwestern Coast

2019-05-30 11.16.07
Hálsanefshellir Cave

2019-05-30 11.08.04
Reynisfjara Beach

2019-05-30 12.15.40
Solheimajokull Glacier

2019-05-30 13.13.42
Skogafoss Waterfall

2019-05-30 15.22.38
Beneath Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

2019-05-30 16.38.31
Urridafoss Waterfall

2019-05-30 18.16.03
Sheep by Reykjadalur Hot Spring Thermal River

2019-05-30 18.58.23
The Tröllabörnin

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