The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from San Francisco

We had a very full day -- got up at 5, mostly slept on the plane though we ate breakfast and watched the terrible, terrible Holmes and Watson, picked up the rental car, had a fabulous Indian food at Noori in San Bruno, stopped at Target and Lowe's to get some things Adam needed for his apartment, drove into the city, met his landlady at the big fountain near the pool in the apartment complex, left suitcases and hampers and stuff (and I did a Pokemon raid at the adjacent gym), met Daniel -- who has been in the city for a few days already -- downstairs, walked to Salt and Straw for ice cream which we ate at Patricia's Green, eventually dropped Daniel at his downtown hotel and took Adam to stay with us out at the Villa Montes Hotel in San Bruno. It's all been lovely and the weather has been incredible, about 70 degrees and almost no clouds!

2019-07-17 11.19.44

2019-07-17 15.26.49



2019-07-17 16.56.11

2019-07-17 18.01.10

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