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Poem for Thursday and San Francisco Penguins

By Alfred Austin

Let me, calm face, remain
For ever in these sweet sequestered nooks,
Remote from pain,
Where leafy laurustinus overlooks
The blue abounding main.

Ne'er will I crave, I vow,
Your loveliness despite, that we may stand
More nigh than now;
You, with the fresh-plucked roses in your hand,
And I with inclined brow.

With air, and sea, and sky,
And penetrative music on the beach,
All that is high,
And far, and holy, and beyond our reach,
I you identify.

Then, lady, let me stay,
Here where no storm nor surge of discontent
Can find its way;
Hearkening your holy admonitions, blent
With murmurs from the bay.


I STILL have no vehicle, though Paul worked from home so we could go pick up the car in the afternoon. So once again I was boring, though I will report that all post-trip laundries are now folded and Adam's room is clean as long as you don't open the closets or look in the bins under the bed. I could only take so much of Mueller's testimony, so while I was folding the laundry I watched The Brothers Bloom, which was sadder than I expected but very well acted.

We went out to Giant for cat food (and I did two Mewtwo raids during the weekly raid hour), then we came home and had veggie sloppy joe's for dinner. Afterward we caught up on the Elementary and Agents of SHIELD episodes that we missed while we were in San Francisco, which I miss a lot now that the heat and humidity are climbing again. Here are some of the penguins from the San Francisco Zoo, where we got to watch them being fed and singing to each other:








2019-07-21 13.48.57

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