The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday and Lewis Ginter Garden Animals

The Sharks
By Denise Levertov

Well then, the last day the sharks appeared.
Dark fins appear, innocent
as if in fair warning. The sea becomes
sinister, are they everywhere?
I tell you, they break six feet of water.
Isn't it the same sea, and won’t we
play in it any more?
I like it clear and not
too calm, enough waves
to fly in on. For the first time
I dared to swim out of my depth.
It was sundown when they came, the time
when a sheen of copper still the sea,
not dark enough for moonlight, clear enough
to see them easily. Dark
the sharp lift of the fins.


I had a fairly nice Friday -- got some work done, then went to the park and walked along the creek looking for pebbles for a craft project, where I also saw fish, birds, butterflies, and a swimming dog. When I got home I washed and bleached the stones, did some online shopping, and cleaned up a bit. Paul discovered that Not Your Average Joe's had lobster rolls on the summer menu, so we went there for dinner (I had a goat cheese and raspberry salad).

After we ate, we stopped at the mall on the way home so I could pick up the sandals I'd bought online at a huge discount earlier and get hand soaps on an equally big sale at Bath and Body Works (and a Raichu raid). When we got home, we watched some pre-season football around The Last Sharknado because I was missing that franchise during shark week! No sharks, but here is some of the wildlife at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden last weekend:









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