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Poem for Tuesday, Fair Animals, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

False, but Beautiful
By John Rollin Ridge

Dark as a demon’s dream is one I love—
In soul—but oh, how beautiful in form!
She glows like Venus throned in joy above,
Or on the crimson couch of Evening warm
Reposing her sweet limbs, her heaving breast
Unveiled to him who lights the golden west!
Ah, me, to be by that soft hand carest,
To feel the twining of that snowy arm,
To drink that sigh with richest love opprest,
To bathe within that sunny sea of smiles,
To wander in that wilderness of wiles
And blissful blandishments—it is to thrill
With subtle poison, and to feel the will
Grow weak in that which all the veins doth fill.
Fair sorceress! I know she spreads a net
The strong, the just, the brave to snare; and yet
My soul cannot, for its own sake, forget
The fascinating glance which flings its chain
Around my quivering heart and throbbing brain,
And binds me to my painful destiny,
As bird, that soars no more on high,
Hangs trembling on the serpent’s doomful eye.


My day was not eventful till late afternoon, when I went out to meet Angela and Carrie for dinner at the Silver Diner. I left an hour early so I would have time to do some shopping in Federal Plaza, particularly the World Market sale on accessories and spicy cheese. Then I met my friends and had eggs and home fries, and we all split Smith Island cake for dessert.

When I got home, we watched The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, which is finally on Vudu. It's an amazing film that I need to watch again to catch all the details, both visual and adaptation of Cervantes -- the women's roles and the Roma and Muslims should have been updated better, but Pryce and Driver give fantastic performances. From the county fair yesterday, farm animals!

2019-08-11 14.18.14

2019-08-11 15.05.30

2019-08-11 15.09.24

2019-08-11 13.17.33

2019-08-11 14.28.01

2019-08-11 14.28.53

2019-08-11 13.58.46

2019-08-11 14.27.39

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