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Poem for Saturday and County Fair Rabbits

The Rabbit and the Moon
By Kim Moore

Let me tell you the story of a high, lonely place
where sight and sound carry with the pylon
that gives its shadow to the hill, and the farm
many fields away, and the long straight road.

A bird calls kehaar, kehaar to the moon
and trains are falling, falling into the night.
The black rabbit waits outside the caravan
and come morning, the booted feet of gulls

will be telling us to leave, but if we stay
the dogs will lie like rugs at our feet.
Somewhere, there are other rabbits, and a river
to sail away on. Somewhere, there’s a boat.


I finished my Shutterfly book! And got my laundry folded and my bedroom shelves rearranged, so it was a good Friday, though I didn't get out of the house until right before dinner, which we had with my parents (and I snuck in a Jynx raid so I didn't waste a pass).

We watched Detective Pikachu now that it's streaming, which is still very fun, then we watched Mewtwo Strikes Back a.k.a. the first Pokemon movie because the new one is basically a reboot of it. Here are some of the bunnies we met at the county fair:

2019-08-11 14.16.22

2019-08-11 14.09.32

2019-08-11 14.14.20

2019-08-11 14.15.12

2019-08-11 14.16.01

2019-08-11 14.05.57

2019-08-11 14.07.31

2019-08-11 14.05.21
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