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The Little Review

Poem for Friday and Chuy's Nachos

Carmelita’s Mexican Restaurant
By Tom Keene

On the wall behind the cash register
a mosaic of snapshots reveals happenings
in Carmelita’s family.

To the left, a doll-sized mannequin
wears camouflage gear,
a workman’s apron
and a scholar’s mortarboard.

On the right two pictures:
Our Lady of Guadalupe and
San Antonio Spurs with
their NBA trophy.

Under the take-out menu,
a hand written sign:
Support the troops.
Pray for peace.

Working folk
fill up on life
in beans and tortillas,
huevos rancheros,
conversation and laughter.


I spent most of Thursday with Denise, who arrived while I was setting up my new keyboard and snuggled Cinnamon until I was organized enough to go out. We went to Marshalls to look at their Halloween decorations and end-of-summer sale, then we stopped at Cava to pick up lunch and came back to my house, where we watched Vacation, 90% for Chris Hemsworth's fake penis and 10% for Debbie Do-Anything.

In the evening after an EX raid in the park, we met Paul, Denise's sister Dia, and two other friends at Chuy's because I had told them about the nacho bar in the model car trunk and they all wanted to try it (plus, you know, margaritas). We had a lovely long dinner, then we went our separate ways and got home in time for half of the Baltimore-Washington game, which the Ravens thankfully won. A couple of pics:

2019-08-29 17.21.43

2019-08-29 17.20.00

2019-08-29 17.19.41

2019-08-29 20.04.56

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