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Greetings from Revel Grove

Another quickie, this time because we were at the Maryland Renaissance Festival with Cheryl, which was crowded but not crazy because it's so early in the season. We saw the King, the all-female Julius Caesar, Pandora's Box, Shakespeare's Skum's Romeo and Juliet, Piper Jones, The Hooligans, and lots of glass, jewelry, and pottery, plus macaroni and cheese on a stick, a root beer float, chocolate-covered key lime pie, and other healthy food.

2019-09-02 14.29.09

2019-09-02 12.31.04

2019-09-02 16.50.22

2019-09-02 12.05.30

2019-09-02 15.39.06

When we got home, we cleaned up, ate leftovers for dinner, and finished Carnival Row, which had some very unbelievable elements (and I mean interpersonal stuff, considering it's a show with fae, fauns, and golems) but was quite enjoyable in terms of the world-building and scenic design.

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