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The Little Review

Greetings from Rehoboth

After a morning on the beach -- with smaller waves and warmer weather than the previous day, bringing plenty of sandpipers and hundreds of sand crabs, where I shredded a flip flop -- we went to Rehoboth for lunch and some sightseeing. We got healthy food like Thrasher's french fries, Nic-o-bolis, salt water taffy, and whoopie pies. But don't worry, I got plenty of exercise playing Skee Ball at Funland and running away from gulls who wanted to steal my fries. Plus I got to look in lots of tacky beach clothes and jewelry stores!

2019-09-08 14.42.26

2019-09-08 14.20.16

2019-09-08 14.24.19

2019-09-08 14.30.44

2019-09-08 15.50.44

2019-09-08 16.30.54

2019-09-08 16.41.49

2019-09-08 16.48.43

In the late afternoon, we came back to Fenwick Island to go to the beach, came inside to catch up on the late football scores -- good day for the Ravens, terrible one for DC though there are plenty of Eagles fans happy in Delaware, and older son was glad Seattle won -- then went back out to look for ghost crabs, which were once again plentiful after dark. We were still pretty full from eating all afternoon, so we nibbled for a late dinner while watching the Patriots beat the Steelers. On Monday after a bit more beach, we'll be home, woe!

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