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Greetings from Cape Henlopen

Sadly, I am actually at home right now, but we had a great final beach day, starting with a drive after breakfast and checkout through Lewes to Cape Henlopen, which has been extensively renovated since we were last there, including a new military museum and a touch tank in the nature center. We hiked around Fort Miles and its World War II harbor defenses, climbed up the watchtower, had a picnic in the pavilion near the hawk-watching station, visited the nature center where I got to pet skates and horseshoe crabs, walked along the half-mile pine forest trail to the bay, and went to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean where we saw pelicans and mole crabs in the surf.

2019-09-09 11.38.13

2019-09-09 11.28.00

2019-09-09 12.17.22

2019-09-09 12.29.22

2019-09-09 13.34.21

2019-09-09 14.49.12

2019-09-09 17.18.42

2019-09-09 17.21.49

The north beach has bathhouses and wooden walkways to the beach over the dunes with a snack bar that's open in the summer, so we got out of our damp clothes before driving to Kent Island, where we had dinner at Harris Crab House (which also has Beyond Burgers, hush puppies, and canisters of Old Bay-type seasoning on every table, surrounded by big window views of the Kent Narrows Waterway. Then we drove over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and home while the sun was setting. Our cats were not entirely thrilled to see us, since our cat-sitter feeds them more than we do, but we got a few snuggles around the demands for food and attention and all the laundries.

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