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Greetings from Golden Gardens

Good Yom Tov! We are at the moment having a low-key celebration watching Shazam with Daniel, who hasn't seen it, after dinner from Amazon Go, the local grocery store where you scan an app when you walk in and then take your groceries without having to check out. I ate leftovers from Luna Park Cafe because I was still stuffed from lunch at Katsu Burger, which has Japanese deep fried burgers/tofu and phenomenal spiced fries, which is where we went after a morning at Volunteer Park, which has a conservatory and outdoor gardens plus a water tower with great views of Seattle, and is adjacent to Lake View Cemetery, where Bruce Lee is buried.

After lunch, we went to Golden Gardens Park, which is still more green than golden though the trees are starting to turn and the water in Puget Sound is quite cold! We walked to the pier to see the crabs and seagulls, but it started to rain hard enough that we headed back to the car and drove to Ballard Locks. There were enormous tankers being pushed through the locks by tugboats, but the real excitement there were seals and sea lions in the locks looking to catch the salmon swimming through the fish ladder, something we've never seen there before! We walked through Amazon central on the way to get dinner, including the Spheres:

2019-09-29 12.29.15

2019-09-29 11.34.04

2019-09-29 13.36.11

2019-09-29 15.19.40


2019-09-29 16.06.49

2019-09-29 19.03.48

2019-09-29 19.08.07

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