The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday

Rock and Hawk
By Robinson Jeffers

Here is a symbol in which
Many high tragic thoughts
Watch their own eyes.

This gray rock, standing tall
On the headland, where the seawind
Lets no tree grow,

Earthquake-proved, and signatured
By ages of storms: on its peak
A falcon has perched.

I think, here is your emblem
To hang in the future sky;
Not the cross, not the hive,

But this; bright power, dark peace;
Fierce consciousness joined with final

Life with calm death; the falcon's
Realist eyes and act
Married to the massive

Mysticism of stone,
Which failure cannot cast down
Nor success make proud.


I am never going to catch up on my life; it's that simple. How in hell did Martha Stewart do it for so long? Does one have to be a crook with a team of cronies?

Also, sex with Legolas. I mean, he's not really my type but how bad could it be?

Your sex with Legolas would be more like making
love. Sweet and tender, romantic and loving...
Probably occuring in the forest of Lothlorien or
Mirkwood under a star studded sky, it would be
long, slow and sweet, most likely with Legolas
gently whispering beautiful Elvish poetry in
your ear. Could anyone really ask for more? :)
What Kind Of Sex Would You Have With Legolas?
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