The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday and Cabin John Halloween

By Diane Lockward

Deep-blue hue of the body, silvery bloom
on its skin. Undersized runt of a fruit,
like something that failed to thrive, dented top
a fontanel. Lopsided globe. A temperate zone.
Tiny paradox, tart and sweet, homely
but elegant afloat in sugar and cream,
baked in a pie, a cobbler, a muffin.

The power of blue. Number one antioxidant fruit,
bantam-weight champ in the fight against
urinary tract infections, best supporting actor
in a fruit salad. No peeling, coring or cutting.
Lay them out on a counter, strands of blue pearls.
Pop one at a time, like M&M’s, into your mouth.
Be a glutton and stuff in a handful, your tongue,
lips, chin dyed blue, as if feasting on indigo.
Fruit of the state of New Jersey.
Favorite fruit of my mother.

Sundays she scooped them into pancake batter,
poured circles onto the hot greased griddle, sizzled
them gold and blue, doused with maple syrup.

This is what I want to remember: my mother
and me, our quilted robes, hair in curlers,
that kitchen, that table,
plates stacked with pancakes, blueberries sparkling
like gemstones, blue stars in a gold sky,
the universe in reverse,
the two of us eating blueberry pancakes.


Have spent the evening watching the Nationals lose to the Astros, which is not nearly as enjoyable a way to spend the evening as watching the Nationals beat the Astros which will hopefully happen tomorrow. It was otherwise a reasonably nice day -- gorgeous weather, so before dinner with my parents who are also undoubtedly bummed about tonight's game, I took a walk in Locust Grove and around Cabin John Park, which is set up with a Spooky Train Ride and a Spooky Hike for the season:

2019-10-25 15.11.34

2019-10-25 15.14.34

2019-10-25 15.16.08

2019-10-25 15.26.58

2019-10-25 15.21.39

2019-10-18 14.20.14

2019-10-25 15.46.18

2019-10-23 15.03.08

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