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Poem for Halloween and Nats Win Series!

Baseball Ghosts
By Jack Sayles

The baseball ghost of Wagner rumbled in its grave,
Seeing some men's efforts caused it to loudly rave;
Till a mighty warrior came and took the tribe in hand
And found a fleety Buccaneer who just completes his band.

The baseball ghost of Bransfield shook its crumbling tomb,
Some of the efforts at first base caused it to justly fume;
But from the mists a phantom came to gambol in his place
And makes the old-time Pirates feared in the coming race.

The baseball ghost of Gibson rapped noisily outside
"Come, get a man to carry on where I left off," it cried;
A husky chap from out the west stepped quickly to the platter
And by his magic maneuvering hushed this mystic chatter.

Now the ghosts of baseball stars are silenced, so it seems,
With real live speeding meteors the Pirate club just teems;
For men like Schmidt and Bigbee -- Maranville and Young Grimm,
Tierney, "Scoops" and Barnhart, just keep the team in trim.


Happy Halloween! The Nationals are World Series champions! And watching that game, which they were down 2-0 before an awesome last three innings, has taken up my entire night! It was a good day in general, the rain held off till evening, I had lunch with my neighbor Carole at Sisters -- the Thai restaurant in Cabin John Village, which has excellent food and very good service, plus it's designed as a library/coffeehouse and has a Little Free Library right outside. Then I stopped in CVS, came home to do some chores, had leftovers for dinner with Paul, and sorted and toasted the pumpkin seeds while he carved the pumpkin. Here are pics from purchase to jack-o-lantern, I am back to the postgame festivities!

2019-10-30 19.42.31

2019-10-27 16.04.04

2019-10-30 19.14.51

2019-10-30 19.15.43

2019-10-30 19.35.29

2019-10-30 19.15.47

2019-10-30 19.37.21

2019-10-30 19.41.50

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