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Poem for Tuesday

Parker's Mountain
By Kate Knapp Johnson

It is the summer bears ruled, the last summer
of pure breathlessness
when I moved unaware, taken in
by the netted branches of raspberries, held
in trance by the sweet air
of the orchards. My grandfather
died at home one night in early July
as expected, and the white clouds drifted like snow
on the face of the black lake.
Grandmother swept her porch clean, every morning
pushed grief under the railings like wisps
of an old bird's nest. Together
we watched the she-bear heave both bins
of garbage across the red clay road, her cubs
somersaulting each other, never minding
their mother's cautioning strikes. It is the summer
I was on the brink of seeing
some unexperienced light, although I stood
in darkness, or swam in spools
of dark while everything was bright around;
the gold lilies and their shadows flickered
one on one and the two swans stayed
faithful and fierce in their cove. I was twelve
and though I knew language
I did not know the meaning of things--
I lived within a lattice of time, unhurt,
undifferentiated, so that even in remembering now
there is only the singular quality
of that time itself; while I was there,
in its duration, I was possessed, wind-mastered
as the scrolled fields of clouds and disappointed
when the spell was broken and the real snow
came, and the cold.


I don't really know where yesterday went; I don't seem to have accomplished anything of note other than writing some unpostable smut with ashinae. My beloved mamadracula sent me a Sirius Black Azkaban shirt from Hot Topic, which was the highlight of the afternoon; shall wear it to lunch today with gblvr and see if she is jealous, heh. Also, I boxed up all my old press kits taken home when the original went out of business owing me a few thousand dollars because they were threatening to avalanche beneath a stack of LOTR magazines. Wow I have a lot of Nicholas Cage stuff. Too bad I am not in love with him. My cats were very disturbed by this activity because, while I had several boxes out, they were not allowed to sit in them for more than a few minutes at a time.

fileg made me bust a gut by pointing out this tribute to Ray Harryhausen featuring Skeletor and The Village People. I forget who I gacked the badass meme from but I wanted to be Ripley from Alien, since Lucius Malfoy is apparently not an option:

Which cult classic badass are you? by rook901
Favorite Eating Utensil
You are:dirty harry
Quiz created with MemeGen!

And one more shot from this weekend in front of the Maryland Science Center, looking through the funky sculpture at a ship, a harbor taxi, the aquarium, the power plant etc., because what's a day in Baltimore without a picture of the boats:


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