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Greetings from Annapolis

I spent most of Saturday in Annapolis with Paul and Cheryl, first to see the awesome Vienna Teng at the Ram's Head Tavern, where we had lunch before the show and dessert in the concert hall, then to walk down to the river and look at the holiday displays and nautical souvenirs before driving home under a gorgeous sunset. Then we watched all of The Mandalorian so far because Cheryl hadn't seen it, followed by The Report, which is very hard to watch, very well acted -- Adam Driver is great and Annette Bening should win an Emmy -- and infuriating in the way most movies about government cover-ups are infuriating. More tomorrow!

2019-12-07 15.43.19

2019-12-07 14.27.49

2019-12-07 15.07.46

2019-12-07 15.45.12

2019-12-07 15.45.36

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