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Greetings from Skype

Wednesday was my birthday! And here is my day in photos, including pretty much all the highlights besides a couple of phone calls with friends and relatives, a whole bunch of Facebook greetings and conversations, a Pokemon raid with the police officer in my local group (he came running over to me in the parking lot and my first thought was "Crap! Was I speeding?"), and The Masked Singer (I cannot believe the Rottweiler is still on the show given who is NOT still on the show) and Stumptown (dude, if you are that much of an asshole to her when you're ostensibly her friend, you do not deserve her).

My birthday card from Paul

2019-12-11 07.51.53
This morning's dusting of snow

2019-12-11 14.03.55
After the lunch to which Kay took me at Tara Thai, walking along Washingtonian Lake

2019-12-11 16.10.10
Katniss inspected my birthday present from Deborah

2019-12-11 19.11.IMG_2335
My parents took us out for awesome Greek food at Trapezaria...

2019-12-11 18.29.07
...which was decorated for the season

Screenshot 2019-12-11 21.15.00
When we got home, we Skyped with Daniel in Seattle...

Screenshot 2019-12-11 23.38.01
...and Adam and Katherine in San Francisco!
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