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Poem for Saturday and The Rise of Skywalker

Lightsabers Are Red
By @VeryLonelyLuke

Lightsabers are red.
Lightsabers are blue.
I'd give you a hand.
If only I had two.


Adam and Katherine are here now and Daniel is arriving tomorrow evening, so expect some short entries with fewer photos and short or no poems! They arrived several hours late after flight delays, which wasn't a big problem for us -- we were in Tysons Corner Mall, so we had dinner at TGI Friday's and went to Barnes & Noble and I picked up my Sephora birthday month gift -- but they were hungry when we retrieved them from Dulles and now we're all tired!

The reason we were in Tysons Corner was to meet Cheryl to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which we loved pretty unconditionally. I went in with no expectations except that I wanted Luke, Han, and Leia's saga wrapped up in a satisfying way and I wanted Rey, Finn, and Poe interacting with each other instead of with random new characters. I found it quite satisfying -- wrapped up old and new trilogies, made me laugh, great cameos, and a bit of shipping for everyone!

2019-12-20 14.04.07

2019-12-20 14.06.14

2019-12-20 14.06.43

2019-12-20 14.07.19

2019-12-20 14.10.46

2019-12-20 22.48.41

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