The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Monday

Love Song
By William Carlos Williams

I lie here thinking of you: --

the stain of love
is upon the world!
Yellow, yellow, yellow
it eats into the leaves,
smears with saffron
the horned branched the lean
against a smooth purple sky!
There is no light
only a honey-thick stain
that drips from leaf to leaf
and limb to limb
spoiling the colors
of the whole world --

you far off there under
the wine-red selvage of the west!


Sorry to be so late; have been writing all morning, have to take the cats to the vet this afternoon, am on a roll and don't want to drop it. Haven't checked flist, haven't answered comments, will try to make it up anon. Here as promised is Maximus, though!

What do you do when you're a poor fuzzy Roman general and a crazy woman with a camera is chasing you?

Why, you race between the buildings...

...scamper across the battlefield...

...and take refuge on your farm, where your family awaits you in your hidey-hole.

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