The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday and South Mountain Creamery

Breaking News
By Dora Malech

As if the lucky might ride it to shore
while the others go under.

Some dogs make for higher ground,
spurred by a shake or a sound
in a frequency to which we never tuned.

Dogs’ ears rise now
to the scream of the still-black screen,
the pitch before the picture.

Breaking here means broken elsewhere.
All our instruments, and still we’re late.

It’s six o’clock. In the windows,
families flicker on,
faces splashed blue in the wake.


I had a quiet Friday doing a bunch of chores and projects not worth reporting. I went out to the park for a little while, and we had dinner with my parents and watched the US figure skating championships, but that's about all the excitement.

Now we're watching Patrick Stewart and Jamie Foxx on Graham Norton and they're razzing each other about L.A. hot spots, which is fun. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Here are photos from South Mountain Creamery in December:

2019-12-31 15.51.37

2019-12-31 15.51.12

2019-12-31 15.52.01

2019-12-31 15.54.33

2019-12-31 15.55.18

2019-12-31 15.46.45

2019-12-31 15.47.05

2019-12-31 15.48.29
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