The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Wednesday and Pizza Party

Potato Chips, Hummus Dip, Guacamole Bowls
By Robert Smith

potato chips, hummus dip, guacamole bowls
frozen pizza, left-over linguini with meat balls,
left-behind salad with cherry tomatoes, carrots,
broccoli, ice berg lettuce, Greek olives,
NY cheese cake bits, Raspberry strudel,

pop corn in buckets, Buffalo chicken wings,
pop tarts, pot stickers, shiitake mushrooms
and Korean bar be cue sauce over strips of beef
(in Spanish Churrasco) duck a l'orange, tiny hot dogs on tooth picks
Lemon Drink mix, OJ and Ginger ale

that should be sufficient for the 2 of us
to celebrate New Years Eve.


My laptop is behaving tonight, so hopefully whatever was up with it last night was a fluke. So it was a calmer day and I got a lot more done -- a bunch of writing/editing, a bunch of photos scanned, a couple of silly projects (one of which used nail polish for decoration, so the house still smells like I got a manicure, even though I haven't since 1995).

After a walk, we celebrated Taco Tuesday the traditional (homemade) way and watched the Plot Against America episode we missed Monday, then a couple of World According to Jeff Goldblum episodes we hadn't seen yet. Since I posted some photos from a long-ago birthday party of older son's, here are some from one of younger son's at Chuck E. Cheese:









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