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Greetings from Skype

Quickie, we're watching SNL's home edition (Che still trolling Jost) after skyping with our kids, the San Francisco contingent of which got a dog today! Her name is Pepper, she's a rescue from a late owner who had several dogs his family couldn't/wouldn't keep, they think 4-5 years old, they think part dachsund, a little shy but comfortable around people and other dogs. Adam and Katherine were eating cheese and pretzels while telling us this which Pepper did not try to steal, meaning she's better behaved than our cat Effie. Meanwhile, Daniel was cooking himself and then eating dinner following a Discord chat with his girlfriend, also self-isolating so he hasn't seen her in weeks.

Earlier I did some scanning, some laundry, some quick changes to an online food order that is still missing Beyond Burgers, an order of BGR missing our drinks for which neither BGR nor DoorDash were willing to reimburse us so I guess we're done with BGR and DoorDash, and a walk around my childhood neighborhood with my parents, where we saw lots of flowering redbuds and crab apples, some longtime neighbors, lots of birds, and the creek. Sunday is supposed to be a lot warmer -- into the 70s -- so we'll definitely want to see more of the spring!

Screenshot 2020-04-11 22.01.15

Screenshot 2020-04-11 22.01.02


Screenshot 2020-04-11 22.18.15

Screenshot 2020-04-11 22.18.15

Screenshot 2020-04-11 22.02.33

2020-04-11 14.52.42

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