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Poem for Monday, Locust Grove Flowers and Deer

By Róisín Kelly

You walk by holding a bunch of flowers
never knowing that you've just performed a miracle.
Are those flowers for your girl?
I imagine her dressed up like an Easter egg
in yellow and pink. I'd tap at you like an egg,
cracking your thin chocolate shell.
If I were made of chocolate too, I'd break
off parts of myself to give to you and your girl.
Once, I gave my words for garden and water and moonlit and love
to a man who kissed me. After he rolled
a stone over my heart and shut me off
from the world, I had no words left
to describe the dark dream that followed.
Now you've walked by, godlike in jeans
and an old t-shirt, the sun glinting on one
silver earring. Now a rose is once again
not only rose but also soft and red
and thorn and bee and honey.
Now a bird is singing song and tree
and nest in a high place and blue speckled egg.
You yourself are glowing with words, they move
up and down you as if they're alive.
The words bring themselves to me
and tell my tongue sweetness over and over.
The words are everything. With them,
I'll turn water to wine at your wedding.


Another quickie watching the late Westworld rerun because we watched World on Fire on PBS while it was first airing (and of the shows we watched tonight, the WWII drama was the least violent compared to the sci-fi future or the fantasy world of The Witcher). We had a relatively quiet Easter, since we don't observe it, though we did watch Andrea Bocelli's concert at Duomo Cathedral, which was gorgeous.

We took a walk around Locust Grove, where someone has obviously been taking care of the little garden though the parks are closed except for the hiking trails, where there are so few people that social distancing is easy. The weather was gorgeous and I even did a Pokemon raid. I rushed dinner because my computer was misbehaving and I couldn't find yesterday's scans, but eventually I got it sorted.

2020-04-12 14.59.04

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2020-04-12 15.31.11

2020-04-12 14.59.50

2020-04-12 15.07.07

2020-04-12 15.07.11

2020-04-12 12.40.20

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